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the search for better beings is the inspiration and founding principle of Our Beliefs, the basis of Our Ethics.

Our actions are consistently guided by these ethics; for this reason, we would like to awake the hearts and consciences of individuals and groups to the need to perfect the quality of life on Earth. This commitment is the essence of our Reason for Being.

Our behavior, a reflection of our World View, as well as an expression of Our Beliefs and Reason for Being, is best represented through the Natura Values.

Our World View represents our essence, our source of inspiration and what guides us over time toward the fulfillment of our Reason for Being. Our World View is our most valuable and enduring asset.



Life is a chain of relationships.

Nothing in the universe exists alone. Everything is interdependent. It is our profound belief that within the perception of the importance of relationships lies the opportunity for an enormous human revolution in the search for peace, harmony, and beauty.

The continuous search for improvement leads to the development of individuals, organizations, and society.

Every single person, organization, and society in the world has the potential to improve upon themselves, and their modus operandi. We believe this process of seeking improvement, in and of itself, always leads to new achievements, enrichment, and wisdom.



Commitment to truth is the route to perfecting the quality of relationships.

The entire realm of consumption, and the cosmetics segment in particular, has been characterized by a pursuit for success at any price, including deception and encouraging false hopes. Society thus misses out on the opportunity to experience relationships based on truth, which is what perfects individuals and organizations and renders them more personal. We believe commitment to truth is the route to a new type of evolution in all relationships, between individuals, as well as within the market.

Life is revealed through diversity.

The greater the diversity, the greater the wealth and vitality of the entire system, including the relationship network. This is true in our natural environment. And it is true in our social environment. We believe, in promoting interaction among diverse peoples, we generate the energy required for evolution: the evolution of humans, organizations, and societies. .

The search for beauty, taken as the natural aspiration of the spirit, mind, and body, must be free of preconceived ideas and manipulation.

The yearning for beauty is a legitimate and universal characteristic of human beings. In our society, standards of beauty have been dictated by stereotypes and preconceived ideas regarding age, race and behavior. We believe that by unmasking these standards, by living in harmony with who we really are, mentally and physically - by taking care of our body - beauty becomes an increasingly present and perceptible aspect of our life.

The company is a dynamic set of relationships. its value and longevity are inextricable from its ability to contribute to the betterment of society.

Companies exist to meet the needs of individuals and societies through products, services and actions that contribute to development that is both economically viable and environmentally sustainable, as well as socially just. We believe the increase in a company's value is proportionate to its ability to establish quality relationships with consumers, consultants, associates, suppliers, shareholders, and the community-at-large, promoting material, emotional, and spiritual enrichment.